Older Job Seekers Need Work Too

Older Job Seekers Need Work; Here Are Some Strategies to Get You Going

Older job seekers face unique challenges, especially when re-entering the workforce or adapting to a new profession. However, there are resources available and jobs opportunities out there if you know where to look.

Going back to work in your 50’s or 60’s can be challenging. There are companies that do like to hire older workers, not only for their maturity but for their knowledge and work ethics. AARP has a program called AARP’s Employer Pledge Program which “connects job seekers to companies that hire and value experienced workers.”

To get yourself ready, make sure you have your resume up-to-date and if you are applying for a specific job, note that in your resume. Don’t forget to list your transferable skills (job skills you used from other jobs that would help you in a new job) so employers see that you have experience and assets that will help you fit in well within their company.

Here are some suggestions to help you stand out in the job market.

  • Make sure you emphasize your experience; work history helps define your value
  • Skills: list them and then look for jobs in those fields
  • Develop new or polish up your skills; take a class on something to help brush up on skills that will help you in a new job, especially technical skills
  • Network with friends, family, previous co-workers and make sure you update your LinkedIn profile.
  • For a job that may not “feel” like a job; follow your passion. Look for jobs in areas that you really enjoy.

Some job categories that can be successful for those going back into the workforce are:

1. Bookkeeper

2. Customer Service Representative

3. Proofreader

4. Social Media Manager

5. Transcriber

6. Tutor

7. Virtual Assistant

8. Consultant

9. Editor

10. Executive Assistant

11. Graphic Designer

12. Health Coach

13. Interpreter

14. Lead Generation Specialist (connecting businesses that sell goods with another business that needs them)

15. Medical Coder

16. Online ESL Teacher (teaching those who use English as a second language)

17. Photographer

18. Project Manager

20. Writer

 Do not give up. There are jobs out there for older workers in fields that are worthy of your time.

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